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Ready, aim, acquire. Then the real work begins.


Executing the transaction is only one part of the formula for an acquisition. You need a team that won’t walk away after the closing of the deal, as post-transaction activity has a tremendous impact on the success of your acquisition. Our HORNE360°℠ approach provides you with the support and services you need to more easily integrate the new acquisition into your existing operations.

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Guiding you through acquisition, transition and integration.

We go beyond traditional buy-side services. Our HORNE360° approach is designed to take you through the post-transactional phase to a successful transition of ownership. Our buy-side services include:

Strategy Development

We work with your leadership team to analyze business value drivers, formulate options for growth and ensure that your growth strategy and business strategy are aligned.

Target Identification

In addition to developing acquisition criteria, we help you identify, screen and evaluate potential targets for acquisition. We also initiate preliminary contact to gauge the target’s interest without revealing you as the buyer.

Valuation and Offer Preparation

After preparing a valuation of a qualified target, we assist in the preparation of a preliminary offer.

Capital Structuring

Our financial modeling, capital structure analysis and transaction structuring services help you arrive at a structure that best addresses your financial, business and tax considerations.

Funding and Closing

Step-by-step, we take clients through the process of negotiating deal terms, securing funding and closing the deal.

Post-Transaction Integration

Work doesn’t end at the transaction. We help you develop a post-transaction integration plan focused on minimal business disruption and seamless transition. This includes a thorough analysis of business, technology, cultural, personnel and operational issues.