HORNE360°℠ approach

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The HORNE360°℠ approach to buying, selling or funding a business

As the Baby Boom generation retires, a substantial number of business owners will soon be faced with the decision of what to do with their businesses. Whether your goal is to buy or sell a business, tapping an experienced M&A advisor to help you prepare ahead of time can dramatically increase your odds of success. At HORNE Capital, we believe the smartest approach is to enlist the help of a team that works together to provide seamless guidance before, during and after the transaction.

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A single team dedicated to your success.

Our HORNE360° approach gives you the convenience of having one coordinated team that takes into account the full tax, business, financial and personal ramifications of each decision.

Access to all the expertise you need to successfully buy, sell or raise capital – from one trusted resource. That’s the difference you’ll find with HORNE Capital.


HORNE360°℠ approach

The HORNE360° approach gives you a single team to turn to for tax, valuation, accounting, transaction advisory, execution, transition planning and wealth management* all combined with the right legal guidance.

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