CAPABILITIES Valuation It Pays to Know Your Value What is the real worth of your business? So much depends on your ability to provide an accurate and objective answer to that question. At HORNE Capital, our team of valuation experts has both the accounting and...

Financial Due Diligence

CAPABILITIES Financial Due Diligence Smart transactions begin with clear insights. Whether you’re acquiring a new business or selling an existing one, HORNE Capital gives you confidence that your company or investment target have been vetted thoroughly. Our Financial...

Pre-Sell Services

At HORNE Capital, we know that success begins with advanced planning, and we offer the pre-sell services you need to proactively position your business for a successful acquisition.

Sell-Side Services

Selling your business is more than a financial decision; it’s a life-altering personal milestone. In addition to helping you navigate the complexities of the transaction, we also prepare you for the personal aspects of a transaction that may take months to complete and guide you through the next phase of your journey.

Capital & Financing

Capital & Financing

Funding growth and expansion. Financing an acquisition. Restructuring an existing loan or consolidating debt. Funding the purchase of a business by an heir or employee. When you need to raise capital to achieve a strategic business goal, HORNE Capital can help you fully explore the sources, structure and type of financing that best meet your objectives.

Buy-Side Services

Buy-Side Services

In every M&A case, there is a buyer. At HORNE Capital, our buy-side services help you curate the universe of prospective companies that may be a fit to help your company grow by acquisition.