Sell-Side Services

You’ve worked hard to build the value of your business. Now it’s our turn.

Selling your business is more than a financial decision; it’s a life-altering personal milestone. In addition to helping you navigate the complexities of the transaction, we also prepare you for the personal aspects of a transaction that may take months to complete and guide you through the next phase of your journey.


Planning and Positioning

It’s never too early to plan. By working together from the outset, we can put your business in the best possible position for eventual acquisition. We work with you and your management team to define your goals and ensure that financials, reporting and due diligence are complete.


Marketing Your Business

We market your business to a broader audience by preparing marketing documents that tell your story – your history and achievements. We showcase who you are, where you’ve been and your business’s potential.


Identifying Potential Buyers

The more prospective buyers, the greater leverage you have. We identify, research and initiate communication with potential qualified buyers. In our efforts to attract the greatest possible attention to your business, it’s not unusual for us to contact hundreds of prospects.


Coordination and Facilitation

The selling process can be lengthy and arduous. Our third-party facilitation of management meetings can keep the focus on the most important matters at hand, ensure a constructive dialog and keep your transaction on schedule.


Structuring Deals

It’s not enough to secure an attractive selling price. We help you structure a buyout that works in your best interest. We actively formulate and review various deal structures, then offer you a full analysis on risks, potential concerns and tax ramifications of each.


Documents and Execution

We work with you and your legal team to negotiate letters of intent, purchase agreements and other ancillary documents necessary to secure a commitment from your buyer. Our team works with buyers and sellers to facilitate the deal through closing.


Tax and Wealth Management Consultation

The sale of your business doesn’t have to be the end of your ability to generate wealth. We collaborate with you after the transaction to minimize tax liabilities, explore investment strategies and plan for your future. In fact, many of our sellers are positioned with an ongoing equity position in the buyer’s business and continue to earn distributions and accumulate wealth that can approach or sometimes exceed their initial payday.

“With a single buyer, deals can go sideways fast. Creating a market – including having multiple, interested buyers for your business during the IOI and LOI stages – gives you leverage in setting a timeline, negotiating terms, keeping your sale on schedule and ultimately getting an optimal price.”

– Neal Stephens, Transaction Advisor, HORNE Capital

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Sell-Side Services

We can help you navigate the complexities of the transaction and guide you through the next phase of your journey.


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